The future of work


is to build


Smart Together.

Workspace0x is a project to coordinate a community of smart workers to build a shared work economy that works for everyone, shared by everyone. "Smart Together" is a social currency to power it. The digital asset to represent it is the ◆ WZX token.

Shared Work Supply Chain



Workers are unbundling from traditional corporations. Increasing automation means more can be done with less. These trends produce an accelerating supply of entrepreneurs, remote workers, consultants and freelancers. Workspace0x is an opportunity to coordinate on a global scale and affect change.

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The unique needs of these workers is the economic impetus for a shared workspace economy. This economy provides flexible space, community, services and support. Workspace0x unifies this supply chain, allowing for incentivized coordination around standards, services and software.



Physical workspaces anchor this economy. Interoperable standards can power seamless workspace transitions and amplify network effects. Workspace0x incentivizes shared, open-source infrastructure and public work data. This data can teach a machine about the changing nature of human work, and then help us understand it.


Core Elements

The common infrastructure of the shared workspace supply chain.



A blockchain identity that works for you. Seamless transitions between workspaces suit the modern mobile and active lifestyle. Access to more workspaces means more real-life networking and community opportunities for everyone.

For workspace suppliers, you can finally ditch the informal "coworking visa" and use a next-generation workspace identity infrastructure. Independent analysis from the 2017 Global Coworking Survey shows that workspaces who participate in "coworking visa" programs are more likely to operate in the black than those who do not.

The Workspace0x community can lead the way for blockchain identity implementations. A secure identity solution means more safety, more efficiency and better work.



Rely on a single curated database when looking for your next workspace. Maintained by the ◆ WZX token holders, this list is incentivized to be curated and maintained. At different sizes, the list will mean different things. But it will be immediately useful since curated lists are needed to separate signal from noise. 

For workspaces suppliers, standards can materialize based on discovery, filtering, service and logistical requirements. This means less marketing costs and improved organic search discovery. A transparent governance process means anyone can propose and implement changes to the standards. No need to syndicate across fragmented databases; Workspace0x is the smart place to list your workspace.



Integrated payments provides loop closure for different mechanisms within the economy. By being able to directly plug-in to the payments stream, dApp developers can program incentives surrounding a local workspace community. Supply chain distributors can have clear visibility into the end user transaction, which improves their market knowledge and allows them to provide better service at increased efficiencies.

Crypto assets are programmable, and we are just beginning to understand the implications of this new financial paradigm. Shared payment infrastructure allows workspaces to tap into the token economy and build on next-generation financial technology.

The Programmable Workspace

The Core shared infrastructure allows for developers to coordinate around programming the physical workspace. These developers contribute decentralized applications (dApps) to the Workspace0x economy and can earn fees for their services. The following are a few examples of possible Smart dApps.



Local or regional commerce using District0x marketplace technology. Ratings, profiles and postings can all be used to transact without trusting a central intermediary. Local vendors gain exposure to customers and buyers gain the tools to curate service offerings.



Today, remote workers need an "online" status to prove that they are working. Using proof-of-location protocols like FOAM, attendance schedules can be verified as part of employment contracts, freelancer agreements and more. Strong encryption techniques allow for proof-of-attendance without revealing precise activity data.

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Honeypot contracts can incentivize early users, helping kickstart community engagement. Community events can be sponsored and funds held in escrow for the benefit of community initiatives and projects. Sponsorship provides blockchain startups the opportunity to differentiate against the industry noise.

The Dawn of a new Economy

The smart workers of today are more distributed, more networked and more influential than ever before. Their productivity matters, and even a small change can make a big impact. We believe Workspace0x can support them build a more fair society. This new dawn is approaching. Workspace0x stands side-by-side with other blockchain advocates, pushing for a more cooperative and efficient economy.



 Building on the Origin platform

Building on the Origin platform